Name Numerology For 8
Ruins True Love

by Pushpalatha Katla

My Name is Pushpalatha and as per name numerology my DOB is 17/4/1981. Here is my problem. As you said I am facing lot of problems in all like in Love, Career, and health. Now the problem is with all these three but mainly with my love affair with a boy.

His name is Kumar. DOB 16/7/1983. He is every thing to me. But on April 8th 2010 he married another girl. I don't know the reason.

But now also, I am waiting for him and I want him to be back to me and I am expecting so. From last 1 month I am facing problems with my career also. Help in my problems and Mainly in my love.

And Pushpalatha is my complete name and most people call me by the name of Latha, some with Pushpa, my parents calls me with the name of Pushpa. Please let me know if it affects my name.

Reply by Kannan M

You are born with the inimical numbers 8 & 4. Your total name comes in 56 which is 2 which is inimical to your main name in 45. you have too many inimical vibes in your name numerology.

It is not wise to have different calling names. You must have a perfect short first name and that must be your calling name as per my system of name numerology.

As your day number is 8, you face dejections, disappointments, and defeats. It is the nature of 8's name numerology to give you miseries and misfortunes.

See, your fiance cheated you on the 8th by marrying another. Your present name is also starting with 8 which is unlucky. your name is in 45 which is 9 which is not friendly to 8. Therefore, you have to correct your name following the rules of name numerology.

His name is also not correct and there is no numerology compatibility with his name. Hence, it is no wonder he cheated you.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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