Name Numerology For
Amiya Paul

by Amiya paul
(ghatal,Paschim Medinipur,west Bengal,India)

According to name numerology, my name number is 26. Is it good or bad? What does it have in store for me and my life? I am an assistant teacher in a high school. I am a bachelor in life. My age is now 30 years.

Reply by Kannan M

Your name is made of Amiya Paul which adds up as 8 plus 18 = 26. It comes in Saturn in the first name and Saturn again in the overall name. It is very unfortunate for you.

Saturn in your name will give you delays, dejections, disappointments, and defeats. It will also give you many varieties of miseries, misfortunes, and sorrows. It will also harass you with unforeseen accidents which are some time fatal.

Saturn gives you labor strike, union upheaval, income tax raids, sales tax raids, and raids from the FBI, or CBI, or Customs. Saturn in your name numerology can give you fire accidents. It will make your machines in your business or factories come to a grinding halt with mechanical breakdowns or Union Red Flags.

Many persons with 8 name numerology in their birth date or name have died in road, train and air crash accidents, when they are still young. Many have suffered mental breakdowns, and many others are fighting court cases or counting the bars in prison houses. And many lead pathetic lives with incurable diseases.

Saturn in your name numerology is not good for your love life or marital life. It leads to bitterness, separation, divorce, and heavy pay outs with lots of mud slinging from both sides. Saturn turns your spouse and kids to revolt against you and make your life miserable.

Therefore, you must correct your name.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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