Name Numerology For
Birth # 8-Life Path # 5

by Simone Nanda
(New Jersey, USA)

I love name numerology and I wish to share some thing with the visitors of this site. I do it honestly so that it may help others as well. My name is Simone Nanda and I was born on May 8, 1972 in Bombay India between 6:42am and 6:55am.

My original name was 17+16=33. I've been through so many ups and downs in life it's amazing. But the miracles have been incredible too. I have a huge interest in the occult subjects and I am now a Reiki Master (#8 I guess) I'm told Saturn is a benefic for me.

I have also learned Tarot, Feng Shui, Numerology etc. However the info you provide on name numerology is much deeper than any I've come across and I Thank you for the work you've done. I changed my name to Simone (25) Nanda (16)=41.

I even asked my life partner to change his name to Viv Gill (23) From Vivient(28) Gill(10) earlier this year-not knowing that individual name #'s can cause issues too. His DOB is May 5, 1965 (birth# 5 and LP# 4). We did it after my own analysis and a paid consultation.

I now see how all these numbers have affected us individually and in combination thus far. Reading your posts on name numerology, I realize the the two #7's in my name (25 & 16) could be the reason that I prefer solitude and still come alive when I'm in groups teaching the info I've learned along my spiritual journey.

Still I can remain alone for days at a time and not miss speaking to anyone because I feel so content within myself and my spiritual studies. I live a balanced life between Spirituality and the Material world so I think remaining alone for too long may not be healthy.

There is definitely more peace and understanding now then there ever was. My Life partner and I were married on Dec 1, 1994 (the effects on our name numerology were terrible) for 12 years and it was a horrendous marriage filled with trials and tribulations.

We got divorced and were apart for two years while we both took time to grow as individuals and spiritual beings. We have now been together again for about 2 and 1/2 years and there is much more understanding between us than ever before.

Interestingly enough when we split we had just come into a lot of money from the sale of real estate that allowed both of us to separately get our lives on track. But, once we came back together there was a huge financial drought for about one year. I think it should ave been due to the evil name numerology effects of #28.

Then I started doing a lot of manifestation meditations and other mantras and our financial situation changed for the better. He got a job and our business started to work so that I could continue to pursue my spiritual education.

This has been going on for 1 and 1/2 years. I am really starting to recognize the the significance of name numerology and the lessons life is teaching me. But it's tough, because I cannot make any wrong moves without immediate repercussions.

At the same time I can also feel the love of the higher beings who watch over all of us. They have helped me a lot in my path of enlightenment because I could not have done this much on my own. My spiritual progress is stunning even to me.

I don't even feel like the same person I used to be. I care for others as much as I do for myself. I have happily submitted my will and my life to the greater power of God so that my life is used for the benefit of Humanity. How true are the effects of 7 name numerology!

I don't know how this will happen, but I have started a Spiritual Practice in New Jersey, USA and a spiritual group. My dream truly is to be a Student of higher learning.

The only issue now is that our financial life although fine and more than getting us by, does not flow easily for my Life partner.

He is earning half of what he did years ago. It does not flow simply and abundantly for him. The two jobs he's had, have not been satisfying in the least. In my case I've found that the universe provides what I need to continue my path and I'm grateful for that. My entire live is an evidence for the realities of name numerology.

I would love for you to give an assessment of the information I've provided. If I had a question it would be to ask if either one of us does have a decent name as per name numerology or do we both need to change our names again?

Although it would be easy to give up the material world, I believe I have a higher calling (LP #5). I would like to have a name #5 so to make a difference through higher spiritual teaching, and use TV and radio (media) for this.

I'm trying to do this now but I'm having trouble actually having the initiative to get things moving. At the same time be prosperous so we are consistent in our wealth, constantly serving our higher purpose and using the wealth as a tool to get our work done.

It would be great if we could attract opportunities and support for our life purpose. My life partner is supportive of me and is also working on an idea for a sporting event in India which would be his dream coming true and make a huge difference in the lives of children and the communities we work in.

We envision being able to live in India for a while and then move between the US and India during the course of the years to come. I would love to stir up the Universal energies by the magic of name numerology to conspire for our success and push us forward through miracle after miracles.

Is it possible that we can both fulfill our dreams through name changes through your website? Do you provide a full name and nickname as well? Just wondering how your service works.
Simone Nanda (for now).

Reply by Kannan M

Yes. It is possible. A name correction will do you both a world of good. As such both your names are not correct. If I give a name, you can use the first name I give as the nick name. In that case, there is no extra expense for you.

If you want a different nick name, I shall have to design that separately. You must pay for the nick name as for a new name. Therefore, with a new nick name, you have to pay twice the amount.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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Birth # 8-Life Path # 5

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Jul 04, 2014
wendding NEW
by: lingaswamy


Jul 12, 2011
Need Numerology Guidance
by: mala

My numerology name is Mala having DOB - 06/11/1988 (6 & 7). I want to knew does my name suits me. Or this is a bad one.

Reply by Kannan M

MALA is in 9. It is inimical to 7 which is your life number. So your name will put obstacles in your path to success.

Further 7 numerology in in ts wake will cause you unhappiness, sense of loneliness, being neglected by others and misunderstood by others.

There can not be numerology love compatibility between you and others.

7 will spoil your looks and beauty that a woman needs very badly these days. It will prevent your success in love, marriage, married life, birth of kids, and financial prosperity.

Name numerology for 7 will cause to you separation or divorce. Only a perfect name can save you. I advice you to correct your name.

You can do it by visiting the contact us page in this web site. Fill in you particulars and send it to me. I shall take care of the rest.

Other numerologists give names by blind belief by out dated bookish numerology. But we design your names by scientific methods by numerology, astrology, Bio Energetics, tests with Lecher Antenna and energy measurement readings on the energy meter Acmograph.

Hence you get far better luck and prosperity when you come to us.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site. Correct your name and enjoy all the good things in your life.

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