Name Numerology For
Business Name

by G T Velu

I am interested in a perfect business name as per name numerology. We propose MAX INDIA ESTATE a partnership firm with the following persons as its partners:

Mr.G. T Velu
Mr.T Manish
Ms.T Aishwarya

The firm is for construction and promotion of apartments, villas and business complexes. It is proposed to start activities in Bangalore with its corporate office and to work through out India.

Reply by Kannan M

Thank you for your kind submission. I checked your proposed name. It needs fine tuning. If not the name will not be lucky for your proposed business. You have to correct your business name.

The fee for Corporate Business Name is 50000 Rs. for cash remittance in the nearest HDFC Bank or in USD for credit card payment through Paypal.

If you want to remit cash for online transfer in the HDFC bank remit funds to the name M. Sathiamurthi SB a/c. No: 12811930002236 HDFC Bank, Fairlands Branch, Salem 16. and confirm your payment by email.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics.

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Name Numerology For
1 & 9

I am a firm believer of name numerology and astrology. My date of birth is 1.5.1965. This year I shifted to Mumbai. I have started my business in real estate. Please let me know will I do well.

Reply by Kannan M

Thank you for your blessings. You are born with the beautiful combination of numerology numbers in 1 and 9. If your name is perfect you will be highly successful. Rajinder Paul is 21 + 18 = 39.

It is a weak substandard number which can never be lucky to you. It robs the name numerology benefits of your 1 & 9. If you too want to come up in life and shine well, you must correct your name.

Comment by Rajinder Paul

Sorry to disturb you again and again. Sir my name is Rajinder Pal. not Rajinder Paul.

Reply By Kannan M

Even then the name is unlucky since the letters der gives a highly evil connotation to the meaning of the name. This is a typical name which will lead to tragic deaths, assassinations, dethroning, and failures. Better correct your name.

Reply by Rajinder

I am really very thankful to you for considering my mail. I really loved you site. I have refereed it to my friends too. Sir my name i write is as Rajinder Pal which is combination of 9.Please let me know it as Rajinder Pal not Rajinder Paul.

Thank you so much. GOD bless you.
Rajinder Pal

Reply by Kannan M

I told you clearly that both the names are unlucky. The only option left to you is to correct your name.

May God bless you too!

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