Name Numerology For
Business Success

by surender Kumar

According to the principles of name numerology, my birth date is 22-09-1982. I am not happy with my life. I always feel lack of money. I have nothing saved in today's life.

Please tell me something about me or my life and what name should be good for me in my business. I have a partnership firm named S K Solutions for equity and mutual fund.

Tell me the right way as I want to be a successful business man.

Reply by Kannan M

First to succeed in business, you must have a perfect name. As such your name is defective. With this personal name you can only witness other people's success and not yours. Secondly you have to correct your business name, as it is also defective.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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