Name Numerology
For Business

by Mahesh
(Andhra Pradesh)

Can you please tell me if my name numerology permits me to have a business in diesel generators? I have recently started a business in this line of diesel generators.

Reply by Kannan M

What is Mahesh? No initials? No date of birth? With out these details how can I give a fitting reply to your question.

I can tell you that if you are born with a birth number in 2 or 7 this business will not suit you. If you have an initial or name component in 2 and if it is not balanced as per science of vibrations, then also this business will not suit you.

Better to correct your name first and then correct your business name too.

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Name Numerology For
1 & 6 Born On 28

by rajesh lalu chaudhari

My name numerology details are given below. My name is Rajesh Lalu Chaudhari. Date Of Birth is 28/4/1972. Is it compatible with my day and life number. If not what is the alteration required.

Reply by Kannan M

You are born on a very unlucky date. 28 is very bad. You have 1 & 6. But your name is not correct as per the rules of name numerology. Dhar is highly negative. You must correct your name first.

I measured the vibes in your name. These are not lucky vibes. These are inimical to your brain and body vibrations. Hence this name can not give you success.

The new name must support your astrology and bio energetic measurements by the Lecher Antenna. For this you have to apply through the contact page in this web site.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

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Does It Matter What Others Say?
Name Numerology

by Prefer Not to Say

I absolutely love the name numerology of my new name. It gives me great joy. I'm proud of it. A good friend of mine lovingly put it that we (myself and my daughter) were starting a new dynasty.

Other reactions, however, have been less than kind.

Mr Kannan, you did warn us in your write-up on my name numerology to "Ignore doubting Toms". I would imagine it is slightly easier in Indian culture because most would be familiar with the concept of name change even if they may not all be believers.

I expected some resistance or bafflement but not the strength of some reactions Ive encountered. Some have been ignorant, almost undisguisedly hostile, with a jeering undertone, even racist.

I am saddened to say it is a reflection of the narrow mindedness of certain quarters of my own society.

In one incident yesterday with a friend of my parents who are their age, I had to calmly and politely refuse to answer her instantly judgmental questions that didn't come from a good genuine place.

Another two actually broke into peals of hysterical laughter.

There's been a sheep-like trendiness for people in my culture to adopt Western names which I find inappropriate and pretentious but apparently it's odd to take one from another Asian culture for less frivolous reasons. (shrugs)

My daughter has had an easier time with her mates at the international school she goes to. They range in age from pre-teens to late teens, presumably because of their wider backgrounds.

They've been very mature and completely accepting. It makes me glad and hopeful about the future prospects for name numerology.

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