Name Numerology For Countries
With Out English

by Sean Driver
(Bethesda USA)

I regularly go through your site on name numerology and the same is really very informative and extremely useful. I have a basic doubt on numerology for which I could not get satisfactory answer although I have consulted many famous numerologists during the many numerology seminars which had taken place in the USA.

My doubt is how does numerology affect the people who do not use English at all in their lives(as you know in most part of world, English is not a language and many do not use English at all).

If a person is not using English in any of his correspondence, I can understand only spoken vibration will work but my question is what about the "written vibration", if English is not at all used in his community? Then how does numerology work for those people?

Reply By Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

What is wrong if the non English people write their names in English? Suppose such a person writes his new name in English, a certain number of times daily at a fixed time, that name works like a powerful mantra. It acts like a Talisman and makes him lucky.

I know of a client who meditates on his numerology name, (silent mental repetition of his name) and cures his diseases with out medicines. Besides daily writing of the name, there are other very important practices, which you must follow to attain success.

Name Numerology works only if you follow all these practical guidelines. Name writing is only one aspect. I shall give you your lucky numbers and you must use them and apply them sincerely with out fail. I shall give you your lucky days, and you must use them efficiently.

I shall also give you what is unlucky. Your unlucky numbers and unlucky dates. You have to avoid them scrupulously. I shall recommend your lucky gems. You have to wear them and bring more Planetary influence to correct your personality. You must never use your unlucky gems.

Name numerology makes changes not in your outside world. It makes great changes within you. It effects mysterious changes in your brain, nervous systems, and mind. You become a better person by practicing all my instructions governing name numerology.

When you follow these dictates religiously, your efficiency improves, you become more charming, you attract people, and you begin to have a better personality. People come forward to help you to come up in life. They do it of their own accord, unasked from your side.

As you do your actions and duties more efficiently, you pass your exams well, you score high ranks, you get quicker promotions, you cure your diseases, you get better business opportunities, you become a better father, better husband, and you become successful on all aspects of life.

These practices can be followed by the non English people as well. For this they need not know English. Numerology Name is like a medicine or jewelry or Talisman or a Sacred Mantra. Any human being whether he knows English or not can use it and improve his personality, luck, and chances of success. I hope this answers your question.

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