Name Numerology For Day
Number 1 Life Path 3

by Sudarshan

According to name numerology, my date of birth is 10-01-1981. As per numerology calculation, it works out to 1 and 3. My name is Sudarshan. My name number for this first name is 30 as per Chaldean Numerology followed in your web site.

I am not sure about it so far! Of the whole 29 years it has always been trying to make myself happy. I have roamed streets of my town and village from dawn this dusk. Go different parts, different houses, eat all sorts of food. Knowingly or unknowingly I have enjoyed all of those little things that others relish.

Although I was brought up strictly, I used to escape those guidelines and roam around till my 12th class. After that it has always been like having fun and having fun without even thinking about what is in future or goals.

As you say for 1 & 3 in your name numerology, when it came to studies and stuff, I passed BE with good marks and then again been to Australia for few years and had lots of fun. I didn't save much money but had fun and can cherish every moment.

However It has not been a smooth path. May be my name is not as per the definitions of your name numerology. It has always been a struggle to get there where I wanted to be. But I have accepted the facts downheartedly with and without some regrets.

But every time I fall, I try something to workout rather than sitting idle. But this time my life has become a bit different. I feel more sensitive, aware, and open to the world. I feel a new scope.

I am turning 30 next year now and it is just about my career. I have put a strong base for the future this year so far. I am happy the way things are building up. I do not know if this is enough or I have to spruce up my name with better name numerology.

Tell me how is it going to be in future. also kindly tell me if my name is incorrect and if so why? Now I am planning to save money at the same time thinking about my goals and achieve my goals. I have my marriage on hold for sometime until I make a good place for myself in the society. I look forward to your suggestions.

Reply by Kannan M

Your name is GV Sudarshan. Name Number 39. Your name contains a strong negativity in Dar. It needs rectification. According to name numerology, Jupiter does not give benefits by itself. It can empower your day number 1. For this to be effective you must have a name in the 1 or 5 series and not in 39, 30, or 3.

You must correct your name in the name numerology of 1 or 5 in the best number. That number and the name must be verified by horary astrology if it will be really lucky. The altered new vibes must be measured by bioenergetics, if there are any flaws.

Only when it is flawless by all the three methods of numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics, you can say that your name will give you luck. For this kind of service you need professional help from our contact us page.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

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