Name Numerology
For House Number

by Tayllor Johnson
(Virginia USA)

Thanks for the information in your web site on Name Numerology! Very informative and it is good to see someone practicing that which is real and not manipulated like other numerology systems.

My question is, If I am a 3 person and my wife has number 1 and my child is also a number 1, how do you determine which house number to live in? Do we go by a group number?

By Kannan M of Lucky Name Numerology

To find a common house number to live in I must have your lucky numbers. To arrive at your lucky numbers, I must have your dates of birth and full names of all the three persons.

The tricky part with the lucky numbers is that they are lucky only if you have a perfect name, and if you wear your perfect lucky gem.

Therefore, it is quite a wasteful effort to find a lucky number based on the scanty information of your Day number, and or Life number alone. There are many sources on the internet which offer this kind of useless service for a small fee of a few dollars.

But it does not help you in any way. And when you do not know how the lucky numbers are to be habituated, you will not have the continued urge to use them in your daily practice.

That is why, the first step in Name Numerology is Name Analysis. Then you should correct your name. And then based on your name number, day number, and life number, you have to find the Lucky Number. You must remember that no lucky number will work at once.

You must practice the lucky numbers by applying them in your day to day life. There are many practices to do that. Only correct practice to habituate lucky numbers can make them work.

That is why for expert advice like this, one must not rely on the effortless, automated, computerized numerology help. You can approach us in a professional capacity and correct your name, your business name, and your family members' names first.

Then you will get your perfect guidance on what your lucky numbers, days, gems, number compatibilities, and colors are.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

May 15, 2011
Rectifications In Name Numerology
For Evil Deeds
by: Black Magic

The modern techniques in name numerology with the counter waves work like Divine magic wands. It helps the helpless, the victimized, those who suffer by husbands, wives, in laws, jealous neighbors, enemies, by their evil deeds of black magic.

Now you can solve any marriage problem, get divorce, or solve any issues like black magic by any one by expert techniques using counter waves designed by scientific techniques in Name Numerology and Bio Energetics.

You can also conquer the evil effects of computer radiation and cell phone radiation by these counter waves which act against and neutralize these negative energies and evil vibrations.

Black Magic is one such a dirty game but it can also be overcome by countering the negative energy wave lengths and evil vibes by the wonder instrument Lecher antenna and by applying bio energetics and name numerology.

These are the latest scientific findings from occult sciences like bio energetics and name numerology with scientific instruments like the Lecher antenna.

Apr 11, 2011

Success and married life
by: ramesh

My name is Ramesh but not as per horoscope and my no. is 3 and my wife no is 5. kindly tell me if necessary stone or change the name because since many years doing struggle life. What can I do? There are many problem like in relationships.

Reply by Kannan M

Ramesh is a negative name with a mesh in your name numerology. Unless you correct it, you will enmesh your self with problems like the silk worm in its cocoon. You will live a thankless life and enjoy nothing but sacrifice and sufferings.

If you too want to be happy correct your name as per correct name numerology followed in my system.

If you marry that girl with 5, she will enjoy your riches but also enjoy others love and attraction. This is the bad luck in your numerology name.

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For House Number

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Apr 16, 2017
Success and not getting marriage NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello Sir,

My name is Mahesh and my birthday date is 09/04/1975 my name is not as per horoscope and my fullname no numerology is 6 and
birth numerology 8
my house number numerology is 4 ,
my house Name numerology 5 please let me know solution or change of the name because since many years doing struggle life. please reply. Thank-you for information.

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