Name Numerology For
JR Kalai Selvam

by jr kalai selvam

According to name numerology I have No. 5. . I was born on 14 dis 77, West Malaysia. I have hardships & struggles in the past years. I have big ambitions but face only defeats due to own nature.

For your information, I have read many books of CHIERO, CHIROMANCY, NUMEROLOGY, VASTU, POWER OF PYRAMIDs, planets, & relationships with the human & other living beings, human culture & civilization, ancient Dravidian cultures, and about many more.

I hope you can give me a small clue to drive out from this struggle I wish you good luck for your name numerology services to mankind.

Reply by Kannan M

I am glad you are quite knowledgeable. This is the character of 5. you face difficulties after difficulties because your name is not in a good vibration.

Your first name Kalai is in 8 which is Saturn which is bent upon preventing your luck and fortunes. Therefore, you have to correct your name.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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