Name Numerology
For Kirtika

by kirtika mukesh bura

Unhappy and broken married life. from the day I got married this is the story. We can not see eye to eye. He hates me like any thing. I feel I am not cut out for marriage. what is the problem? What is the solution?

Advice By Numerology Expert Kannan M from Lucky Name Numerology: Kirtika Mukesh Bura is your name. Kirtika in its latter part sounds like Tikka. But that is not your name. People call you keerthikaa.

But you write it as kirtika. This is the problem. You have to correct your name.

Bura means bad. You should not have this in your name. Achcha is far better than Bura.

For this you have to apply through the contact form in this web site, providing all the details asked for. You have to act on the expert advice you get.

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For Kirtika

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Dec 10, 2009
Same Experence
by: Henry

I too have the same experience with No. 8.

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