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by Anonymous

As per Name Numerology, my birth day Number is 4 and destiny Number is 8. I am very unlucky from my childhood. I always face hurdles in anything i do. I don't have any true friends. I am feeling very lonely.

I always face loss in any business I do. I want to know if I change my Name Number can I become lucky and how many days it will take to see the results and how to contact you.

Reply by Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

4 & 8 is not a good combination. It does not give you the benefit of 4. On the other hand, It afflicts with Saturn's evil results. Saturn gives you obstacles, difficulties, miseries, misfortunes, and unexpected accidents.

In my experience, even if one achieves very high positions with 4 and 8, all of a sudden he loses all his achievements, earnings, name, and fame. It is the result of Saturn.

Therefore, You have to correct your name in either 1 series, or 5 series, or 6 series. There are many numbers in 1 like 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64 up to 100. In the same way, Numerology Numbers are many in the 5 series and the 6 series.

which of these numbers you will choose as your best? You have to engage expert help to arrive at the best lucky Number for you to design your name.

If you desire to have a lucky and a successful life. you have to apply for Name correction through the contact page in this website.

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