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Meenakshi S M

by Meenakshi S M

I want to know how name numerology can influence my life. I am Meenakshi. I hail from Bangalore. My date of birth is 26-08-1984. I want know how my numerology will shape my family life and future.

Reply by Kannan M

Normally I do not analyze any one's name like this. I usually refer you to contact me in my professional capacity through the contact page in this site. I analyze just your name as a special case.

You are born on 26-08-1984. As per name numerology, your day number is 8. Saturn is the lord of 8. He influences your day to day life. He punishes us for all our past karma and present misdeeds.

Saturn teaches us his lessons by dire miseries, misfortunes, and sorrows. He creates obstacles, failures, delays, dejections, disappointments, and defeats. He causes accidents of all sorts.

All fire accidents, plane crashes, rail mishaps, and road accidents are caused by name numerology of 8 and Saturn. Ship wrecks and death by drowning are due to Saturn. He causes Police Raids, Sales Tax Raids, and unexpected Income Tax raids.

Seizure by customs, litigations, court cases, jail terms, revenge, murder, and brutal attacks are caused by Saturn. You get all kinds of earth quakes, tsunamis, and vulcano eruptions due to the universally dreaded name numerology of 8 and Planet Saturn.

Saturn invents novel ways to punish each and every one of us according to our past and present karma. Now in your name numerology Saturn governs your day number. From this you can easily realize how he will influence your activities, family, and life.

What about your life number? It is Number 2. Your destiny is governed by Moon as Moon is the lord of Number 2. He rules coolness, calmness, humidity, water, water tanks, and all oceans.

Moon also rules your mind and imagination. The word lunatic came from the name numerology of 2 and that of Moon. He makes you a mental psychic or a great novelist and poet. But he also gives you his draw backs. You lack the leadership skills to run a Company.

As Moon shines in borrowed light, name numerology of No. 2 makes you more successful in serving others than when you work for yourself. Combined with Saturn like in your case, he gives you doubts, dilemma, depression, melancholy, grief, and unwanted fears.

When you have 8 and 2 name numerology, both Saturn and Moon influence you. You will meet with obstacles in your progress. You will delay your plans by waiting too long, indecision, brooding, and procrastination. You will be haunted by fear of secret enemies.

You will be cheated by your near and dear. Your friends will betray you and you will land up in trials and court cases, and invite imprisonments too. You may turn out as an unexpected emotional suicide case or killer and you may spend your remaining life in hiding.

In married life, it may cause premature death of either the husband, lover, wife, or beloved kids. It may cause temporary or permanent separations, mutual allegations, mudslinging, infamy, and divorce. Or it may entail secret sex with concubines or paramours.

In child rearing a dear son may be come henpecked and ditch his parents. A beloved daughter may elope with her boy friend and cause bad name and mental agonies to the family. Sisters and brothers may encroach your properties and stake a claim as theirs.

If you want to avoid the evil name numerology effects of 8 and 2, you have to correct your name as per your astrology, numerology, and bioenergetics. As such I find your name is not correct. You have to take expert help for personal name correction.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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