Name Numerology For Naliny

by naliny

As per name numerology, my name is Naliny. What I want here is please change my name into no.23. With this name which I have now I just climb and always fall down. Miserable life. Please help me.


Naliny comes in 16. It is mostly unlucky for all people as it comes in 7. It prevents material progress and prosperity. I shall correct your name with perfect name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics compatibilities. Just email to me a scan of your pass port size photo. It must show your head and chest clearly.

I shall use your photo with my Lecher Antenna to pick up your body/mind/soul vibrations. This helps me to find out if the name suits you, if it is lucky to you, if it contains any evil vibes, will it do you lasting good, and all these things.

Make a request for name correction plus name analysis through the contact page. I shall take care of the rest. Good Luck!

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