Name Numerology For
Name Number 45

by SR Rajkumar

As per name numerology, my dob is 15 9 1968. Somebody set my name to SR Rajkumar and it was definitely not good for me with my calling name at 1 and total name number at 6.

Now I practice writing it as VS kumardevv. Other alternatives are D Rajha Subramanian. Can u please guide me to it. I am severely diabetic and have no children so far. Employment also is a big issue.

Reply by Kannan M

What you practice as VS Kumardevv is an ugly and unlucky name. It has many evil vibrations. If you practice this kind of name it will cast its evil power over you and get you into accidents.

Therefore take expert help and correct your name as per your name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Stop practicing that evil name at once. Your original name is also not lucky for you.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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Name Number 45

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Mar 09, 2021
My name
by: Garrett Jayde Yaen

I'm born on July 09, and my Life path is 7.

Is my full name number of 45 lucky? I'm thinking about switching my middle name to 21 to get a 54.

45 does not seem like a good number to me. All of the worst presidents in the United States history, (James Buchanan Jr, Benjamin Harrison, James Earl Carter Jr) all have name numbers in 45. One need only look at the 45th president and see how the 9 energy poorly manifests itself.

I also see many criminals and murderers having this number.

The only "good" people I really see with the name number 45 are those with a middle initial. For example, Neil A Armstrong and Elvis A Presley.

Would switching the name number from 45 to something else be a good idea? The number 45 seems much more evil and bad than good.

Aug 04, 2018
30/11/1971 NEW
by: Syed aslam pasha

How should i get my lucky number also my lucky mobile and car numbers plz tell me

Dec 21, 2014
name doubt NEW
by: Anonymous

I am sathish kumar arumugham, my dob is 9 May 1981. could you please check my name that is correct or wrong?

Mar 14, 2014
is my name lucky? NEW
by: Ezra Araray

hi sir, my day no is 2 and my life no is 1 , is my name is compatabil with this numbers ?

Jul 06, 2013
45 NEW
by: Anonymous

can we keep number 45 for 18 born people..if he has to keep the name in 9 series>

May 12, 2013
45 for username on sites NEW
by: Talonis Seryrik Akarsular

I used to use Chancretsiol as a username but I think since the word Chancre is in it, it might be bad. It came out to 55. I saw your page explaining 45 after I made a new name out of the old one, Sankhretseul, which is also 45. Is this name better than the last one? Are both bad?

Nov 26, 2012
DOB- 31-08-1979 NEW
by: Shweta Tikoo

Is my name number compatible with my destiny & compound numbers? Should i change spelling of my name for better marital & professional success? The same question i would like to ask for my husband as well, what about his professional sucess? should he change spelling of his name? My husband's name Ashish Tikoo. His DOB- 31-12-1982. Please reply ASAP.

Sep 07, 2012
destiny number 44 NEW
by: Anonymous

dear sir I born on 18 sep 1988,name is SATHYAPRATHAP
in chaldean system i got 44 number is this 44 help me to reach my destination..or higher positions...

Apr 08, 2012

MY DOB IS 22/10/1977. I would like to know that my name is correct or not. should i change my name?

Jul 14, 2011
Name Doubt
by: A Satheesh kumar muthuveeran

As per name numerology conventions My DOB is 9th May 1981. I would like to know that my name is correct or not. should i change my name?

Reply by Kannan M

You are born with 9 & 6 which is really a lucky number combination. But you have an unlucky name and you have lost the benefits of your birth day numerology numbers.

I examined your name as per my system of name numerology by 4 methods. In all the 4 tests the name fails. Therefore your name is unlucky. You have to correct your name.

You can do it by visiting the contact us page in this web site. Fill in you particulars and send it to me. I shall take care of the rest.

The Big Difference

Other numerologists give names by blind belief by out dated bookish numerology. But we design your names by scientific methods by numerology, astrology, Bio Energetics, tests with Lecher Antenna and energy measurement readings on the energy meter Acmograph.

Hence you get far better luck and prosperity when you come to us.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site. Correct your name and enjoy all the good things in your life.

Dec 24, 2010
Very true
by: Anonymous

Your explanations are very right and I feel it. I have been feeling the difficulty in keeping name for myself in 6, 3 and 1. sun being in 6th house at leo is also in shatru staan and hence dont favour me. 5 is in 25 degree axis and shall help me only after 52 years of age.

45 was the only option left and hence I chose it. I had stopped even before I wrote to you. The name Kumar itself has apparently earned me bad effects because of MAR in it.

Now jobless, don't have children, eye vision diminishing drastically, diabetes, disc wear out are some of the problems which I am facing because of my original name. I have spent many a money and everyone experiment with my name.

I know the correct name is my mantra for life. I would like to restart again in life.

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