Name Numerology For
Name Number 9

by Pervin Kavarana
(Planet Earth, Universe.)

Pervin Kavarana

Pervin Kavarana

You may agree with me when I say that thought patterns stream into the mind of people throughout the day and influence the way they say, do and think; either directly or indirectly.

I have always been fascinated with all things paranormal since ages --- maybe since one or more previous lifetimes.

This life on planet earth does not fascinate me at all ---especially after I have perused books apropos the afterlife which appears to be a zillion times x zillion times, better than life on planet earth, which is just "jagat maya".

This is one of the reasons I opted to procure a master's degree in classical and contemporary, indian and western philosophy at Wilson college which is affiliated to Bombay university.

I know the numerical code of alphabets (Cheiro's method) and their correspondence to the nine planets in name numerology.

I have read the properties of mars = # "9" and that has been ingrained into my mind .... so I naively thought of that since ideally the name number must match the birth number;

I thought I could add an extra "i" to my name; without thinking about the repercussions or consequences of doing the same ... and it proves that "little learning is a dangerous thing" especially in astrology and name numerology !

Yes, I have always been hot tempered but 99% for the right reason / s; according to my viewpoint.

Life has been an uphill struggle for me and my hubby - We have had more than our share of downs than ups in our life together .. We are not really compatible.

I am a libran and he is a scorpion. and our "exchange" of views / conversation often end up as "a bonfire" with nobody to dance around it ... like it is done on the last day of each year. and plenty of acrimony.

But we manage to make up - he takes the lead most times; let me be honest about this. So now you have atleast 25% of my background, for starters.

I love blogging and have created approx 50 blogs vide i blog on pop songs, social justice, global matters, etc.

I am desperate to get the matter comprised in the following blog resolved = but neither the indian govt nor the media are interested in helping me resolving this matter which is pending justice since 20 long years:

I believe that now only a saviour can come to my aid, apropos. let me know if I can post my blog links on your site. thanks once again and have a great lifetime, ever.

Thanks for sharing. Even if you add one i, the name becomes grossly unlucky. And that is not the way to correct names.

Take advantage of the science and technology that has gone into applications of name numerology.

Make a blog about numerology and give us a link there. Kindly send me the url. I shall reciprocate your link on a fitting page.

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