Name Numerology For No. 8
Sufferings & Misfortunes

by Saeed Ali Akhtar

As per Name Numerology, my life number is 1 and day number is 26. My name is Saeed Ali Akhtar. My wife's name is Shabina Ali Akhtar. My Wife's life number is 8 and day number is 1.

My life is a motion picture of sufferings. My day number 26 took its revenge and afflicted me with lots of bad lucks. Right from my childhood I was neglected by my parents. They sent me away to stay with my grand parents at the age of 8. I stayed in poverty till I was 14. I came to England with my family by then.

That was my only happy time. At the age of 14, I had an accident and I lost two front teeth. I worked hard and did O level and A level with low grades. I joined engineering but I became a dropout. I left the college and never could study after that.

I started working in different places. I got a job in ROIL Mail when I was 23. My job was gone when I was 28, I never got any job after that.

I did mini cabs for some time. I had my heart attack at the age of 35. My Licence was taken from me and I had no more cabs after that. Since then, I started so many business ventures and applied for so many jobs but never succeeded in any of them till now.

I am fully convinced that number 8 can ruin anyone's life. My experience and sufferings should be an eye opener for the readers of this website. If there is a way to change my fortune by Name Numerology, I will gladly accept it. Can anyone guide me on this?

Reply by Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

This submission reveals the full impact of Saturn in One's life. Mr.Saeed experienced childhood poverty. At 8, He was sent away by his parents. At 35, He suffered his heart attack.In studies, He was a college drop out and was never successful. His mini cab ended as a failure. He never got a good job.

Kindly note that Mr. saeed had 8 as his day number. His wife too had number 8 in her birthday numerology. Therefore, it proves our articles on Name Numerology that unless you had a perfect name, No. 8 will give you only extreme bad lucks.

The only remedy is to avail expert help and correct your name. You can contact us through this website for name correction

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Sufferings & Misfortunes

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Jun 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

I am Suresh Bhupathii B. My Date Of Birth Is 17 May 1976. With Day Number 8 And Life Number 9. I Have Corrected My Name From a Numerologist. In the Past I Had 40+2= 42. But Now I Have Corrected In 5 That Comes 59, That Comes 24+33+2=59. I Want To Know How Far My Name Is Compatible To My Date Of Birth.


24 + 33 + 2 = 59

Having two successive"I"s in your name is against the rules of name numerology. Therefore, your name is incorrect. You have to get it corrected. For this kindly apply through the contact page.

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