Name Numerology For
Number 4,

by Angela

Although I am only 14 and my birthday is on the 13th, I wouldn't consider myself as unlucky or lucky.

My life is just beginning, and the emotion called love or like really is confusing me. So, like they said about No.4 I went and researched about the person and his/her personality.

Everyday is confusing, but never would I say my name is unlucky (neither will I change it). My parents said No. 4 is an unlucky number in China and 13 is also unlucky in Western culture... So does this make me unlucky?

In Vedic Astrology, I am born like death (Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio), and my own name is related to afterlife and death (Angela). Everyday, I would wonder why I was born like this?

Feeling out of place is normal for me, for I have been rejected many times (friends and guys). Like they say about No.4's being lonely and doubting, well, let's just say that's partly true.

Live life to the fullest. It is a hard task sometimes when you tend to notice things others don't (detail oriented) and the lack of trust can get in the way. When I get, receive things I feel that there is something is not right, like something is missing.

I'm sorry if this isn't like a story and just my random thoughts.

Reply by Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

Who says Number 4 is unlucky. Infact in reality, Number 4 can make you the centre of attraction among all other people. You are an authority on all types of information and knowledge comes to you like second nature.

Only trouble is your Name vibration should synchronise with your day Number and life Number then only you can derive the full benefits of your birthdate numerology numbers and the will of god. Maybe, You can afford to spend 171USD and see if it comes true

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