Name Numerology For
Number 5

by Suszanna

According to name numerology, I'm a 5 birth path. My family moved around a lot when I was little.

That gave me lots of challenges to try to fit into my new surroundings--lots of new experiences.

Now, as a senior adult, if I am bored over a long period I will make something new happen in my life.

A note to all husbands with wives whose name numerology is 5. when she gets antsy, better take her on a trip to Hawaii, otherwise she'll start looking for a new house!

I want to know how everything and everyone works. I search for the truth behind things.

I'm curious, especially about spiritual matters and philosophy. I am an artist and I have lately discovered I have writing talents and am on my third book. I studied Astrology for many years.

My son is Mercury ruled Gemini and as per name numerology he has a 5 birth path.

He's still single in mid-life and likes to take off on some adventure at least twice a year. Fives need variety. Same old thing every day makes them nervous.

I'm happy being a 5.

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