Name Numerology for
Number 6 & 5

by hosanna

As per Name Numerology, my name is in number 6, which is Hosanna Ocay Martinez. My birthday is June 24, 1982 which makes it day No.6 and life path No. 5.

When I gain a lot, I really gain, when I lost, i really lost. Somehow I miss lots of opportunities. But I have always felt that there is an inner voice that guides me through out my life journey.

By Lucky Name Numerology Kannan M

You have calculated your name number wrongly. It is made of 27+12+29=68. The 8 in 68 is giving you troubles. That is why when you have a numerology name in 68, you have to ensure that name components are perfect in their numerology compatibility.

Martinez in 29 causes mischief. Read my page on number 29.

Your life path and day numbers are correct. But your name is not. You have to correct it by numerology. You also have to verify it by astrology. Finally, you should confirm the goodness of the vibes by bioenergetics. That you can do only by actual measurements.

I do all that when I give a name. That is why this web site has made head lines as one of the best numerology sites on the internet within 8 months since it was born. Try this method and be assured of steady progress in your life. You don't have to look back.

If you read my pages on No. 5, I have already said that your inner voice guides you through out your life, and you have to obey it to escape from dangers. I am glad your submission confirms that.

Note that I have repeatedly told in my web site that 3 and 6 are inimical. your middle name comes in 12 which is 3, which is against your day number. Your story confirms this. This is why you have ups and downs. You must avoid 3 as a name component.

Also note that this is an intellectual forum and not the application form for changing names. For that one has to apply in the contact form. You have to pay the required fee for that service.

This facility is given for the visitors to write useful, interesting, and thought provoking articles on numerology and related matters.

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Number 6 & 5

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Jun 14, 2011
Rate is high
by: Kumar


Your name numerology site is good and informative. You are wonderful but the rate charged is too high.

For a life time good luck and prosperity you can not get a perfect name for cheap rates. Thousands of people are ready to pay 10 times of what I charge.

When such is the case where is the time and patience for me to work for still cheaper rates.

For a poor person like me, how can I pay a high amount without an authentic evidence.

If my fee is too high for life long good luck then you have to seek less efficient advice from others. People come to me with full conviction and not with doubts like what you ask.

I can not reveal the personal information of my clients in the site. It is unprofessional and unethical.

Only bogus numerology sites give such false info to attract people for cheaper rates and take them for a ride.

Is it possible for you to quote in the website, the people who have consulted you and become famous. That way, it is useful for everyone.

See the answer for the previous question. You will understand.

Aug 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

My Name is Akkshay born on 15/05/1974 @21hour20 minute in Mysore City Karnataka State India, I like your site. It is very informative. Please suggest me if any correction needed.

Reply by Kannan M : You do have fancy good number of 6 & 5. Correct your Name and You can shine like a Super Star. The present name is defective.

You can correct this and achieve good luck and progress only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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