Name Numerology For
Numbers 4 & 4

by Sudhir Raghuveer Shetty

I am deeply interested in Name Numerology. My name is Sudhir Raghuveer Shetty. My birth date is 13-12-1986. According to Name Numerology my day Number as well as life Number are 4.

I am in Marketing profession.I am an emotional person and I can not express my feelings properly. I am a shy person, I have seen lots of ups and down in life.

I am spiritual and believe in higher power most of the time I am misunderstood by other people. Before taking any important decisions I think thousand times.

I want to make improvements in myself so that I have better control of myself.I feel that I am a very serious person and want to be calm and understanding.

Reply by Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

13-12-1986 4 & 4
364512 213566552 355441
21 35 22 = 78

You are born with 4 & 4. For you the ideal name should be in vibration of the Sun. That means you can have your best name in 19, 37, 46, 55, or 64.

In your case, the Name Number comes in 78 which is giving lots of negative vibrations with 7 & 8. Therefore, you have to choose a number which gives you best results.

For that you have to request to apply for correction of Name.

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