Name Numerology For
Numbers 7 & 2

by Ram Manoj

I am very much interested in Name Numerology. I was born on 7/6/87. How will be my life, success in Business, and love. Please explain to me, If there is any remedy for it. I know my day number is 7 and my life number is 2. You have mentioned in your website that 7 compliments 2 and 2 complements 7.

From this, I understand 7 & 2 is a lucky combination. My name is Ram Manoj. As per Name Numerology, Ram comes in 7 and Manoj comes in 18 which is 9. you have also mentioned in your website that 7 is inimical to 9. Therefore, I am worried that it will spoil my luck of 7 & 2.

In that case, I would like to correct my name as per Name Numerology. Is my analysis correct? Or have I missed out something? I request any of the readers or visitors of this website to enlighten me on this issue?

Reply by Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

I appreciate your knowledge in Name Numerology. You are right when you say that your first name Ram in 7 is inimical to your last name in 18. You have missed out the phonology defects in Manoj. This word contains a "NO" which is a negative terminology. You have to correct this also.

In Medical services, self medication is considered bad and ineffective. In the same way, you should not try to correct your personal name or business name. It is better for you to avail expert help and apply through this website for accurate name correction.

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Numbers 7 & 2

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Nov 06, 2014
to know sometimes NEW
by: manoj

What is my lucy coluor number and is my name is lucky and for better business which alphabet is to be use for my business name

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