Name Numerology For People
With No English

by Sean Driver
(Bethesda (USA))

I am regularly going through your web site on name numerology which is very much useful and informative. I am a German and settled in USA. In the western world, Pythagoras Numerology is widely used.

But I am fascinated with your system which is based on Chaldean Numerology along with astrology. I have a basic doubt on numerology and I have consulted some numerologists during some conferences / work shops on numerology but could not get any satisfactory answer.

My question is how does numerology affect the lives of people who do not speak or write English? I know that in your country English is widely used but there are many countries where English is not yet all practiced.

In the absence of English usage I can understand that still "spoken vibrations" work but what about the "written vibrations" if the concerned person is not yet all using English in his life time?

Reply By Kannan M

Most of the researches in numerology were in the the Himalayan Hills of India and Chaldean fields of agriculture. That is why, the Hindu numerology practiced in India and the Chaldean Numerology practiced in Chaldea are exactly the same.

Chaldean numerology was bequeathed by God to a select few deserving Chaldean Peasants. The Hindu Numerology was given by God to the Indian Rishis and Saints. Unlike this the Pythagorean Numerology is just man made numerology. It was developed by Pythagoras.

That is why Chaldean Numerology is more effective, intricate, difficult to interpret, and requires intuition to give results. And that is why it is found more beneficial for the mankind. It is the only reliable form of numerology ever practiced.

About the use of English

Know that since most of the research and discoveries were made in the English Language, and most of the people use English, this language is popularly used for Numerology Calculations.

We design Names as Medicines. The names are like potent Mantras filled with Vibration. These must be tried as such by others who do not know English. It will work for any one who does the practices recommended by us to reinforce the new name.

If a medicine made in China with an unknown name cures your disease, there is no harm to eat that medicine. You must not worry that it was made in China.

Therefore, if the non English speaking people want to benefit from numerology, they have to correct their names from us in the English Language, and practice as such.

This practice works like the unknown Chinese medicine that cured your disease. This practice works like a Mantra Recital and changes the body/mind capacities of the individual to become more successful.

I hope this reply is convincing. In our country, there is lots of literature on numerology in The Sanskrit Language, and in our Tamil Language. The Tamil numerology is based on the Chaldean.

In countries where this kind of research is not available, they have to resort to the Chaldean Numerology or Hindu Numerology practiced in the English Language. They have to contact us for the correct guidance.

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With No English

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Oct 21, 2015
English NEW
by: Anonymous

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May 19, 2010
English is neither a language for Hindus or Chaldeans?
by: Marcel Velterop

The details given by are very informative.

You have mentioned that this knowledge is given to Chaldeans / Hindus by God. How these Chaldean values were assinged to English apphabets i.e 1 for A, 5 for E etc... when English is not a language for either Chaldeans or Hindus?

Reply By Kannan M

You are partly correct. God revealed the principles of numerology to the Chaldeans in their language and to the Hindus in the Sanskrit Language. This knowledge was bequeathed to Saints of great caliber and understanding.

Some of these great Savants had intuitive knowledge of many languages of the world. It was all by the Grace of God. Later they came into contact with the English People and their Language.

And for the common good of the humanity, they translated their knowledge in English Language and gave it to their chosen disciples. These disciples developed numerology further by independent research, intuition, and inspiration.

The greatest volume of research in Numerology is in the English Language. That is why and it is the only language used universally, we have been practicing the Chaldean Numerology in English.

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