Name Numerology For
Rajan Sood

by rajan

My name is Rajan Sood. As per name numerology, I was born on 13-02-1968. Since childhood I have faced a number of problems in my life, business & married life.

I want to know while going for property which number to take and how to calculate the right number of property. What can i do to change my misfortunes?

My wife's date of birth is 24-10-1971 & my two daughters are born ob 23-11-1997 & 5-12-2003.


How can you expect luck when your life number is inimical to your wife's day number? Your life number is 3. Your wife has 6. Your first daughter too has 6.

Your name is in 31 which is neither here nor there. It is an unlucky number for you. Therefore you must correct your name if you want to be lucky. Not only that. Your wife too needs a name correction.

If she does not correct her name, as per rules of name numerology, she will fight with you and may even drag you to court. Your first daughter also needs to correct her name. Better go for name correction and apply through the contact page.

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