Name Numerology For
Shanthi S

by Shanthi S

As per name numerology, I was born on 08-12-1977. Both ways 8 and 8. Before marriage my name was Shanthi.R. V. I would say it was not that bad. I had a good childhood. Studied well.

Though, I wasn't able to get want I wanted.

I struggled to make my foot and have a good earning. After my marriage, my name changed to Shanthi.S. In office, my name is always expanded as Shanthi Srinivasan.

Either ways, I have moved ahead in my life. I have a good husband, two kids, a beautiful flat, and a wonderful IT job.

Is 8 something bad in name numerology? I don't think so. Even my car number is 8. Touch wood, I have not faced a single accident.

I feel it is all in how one is rather than the number. You cannot get whatever you want. You have to struggle, hard work, and manage your available time to succeed in your life.

Reply by Kannan M

All sciences are based on human experience and Divine Revelations.

These revelations in name numerology on 8 have been confirmed as true it is found to give maximum sufferings to maximum people and that is the general experience all over the world.

To every rule there are a few exceptions. Nachiketas entered the abodes of Yama, the king of death. Hanuman crossed the ocean.

Markandeya escaped the ropes of Yama and his death. Parvathi fed a Saint child with her breast milk.

These are exceptions and do not apply to every one else. Such exceptions apply in all systems and that includes name numerology.

For example, if you have a pure and unafflicted 8 and 8, you will be a great learned man, a God Man, and a Good Soul.

For this Saturn must have exhausted punishing you for past karmas.

If Saturn is a hundred per cent benefic in your birth chart and your horary chart, then too 8 will not harm you.

But it does not apply to the general human kind. For those who have unexhausted past karmas, or evil karmas done in this birth, Saturn inflicts his punishments mercilessly through 8.

Even Lord Rama suffered because of his name in 8 due to a curse by separation from his beloved wife, Sita.

If you have a perfect name as per astrology, name numerology, and bio energetics, then also you will be lucky in your life.

That is the core concept of this site.

You are very young and it is too early for you to judge the effects of 8 in your entire life.

Many such persons suffer by treacheries from friends, partners, sons, daughters, and wives who turn bitter enemies and traitors after 25 years of being loyal to them and ruin their lives. Many face accidents.

These are the effects of Saturn and 8.

Any way, congrats on your submission and good luck.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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