Name Numerology
Lucky or Unlucky?

by Prefer Not to Say

My name numerology details are as follows., #60/6 name number, which is favorable. My birthday is 11/18/1975=#6 life path & #9 Day.

All these numbers together, I believe, are favorable. I was born at 6.13 am or 10/1.

My professional name is some thing else with name number #31/4, which I just found out is very negative with my life #6 & day #9.

I work so hard to exhaustion and never seem to get anywhere. I never seem to have money for my efforts, even know I will make good money and get work all the time.

No matter how hard I work, how much money I make, it's never enough.

I still always struggle with my finances and I hardly ever even have money to overspend or save. I now believe it is due to using a wrong name for my profession.

I know I did have better luck with my original name. I was an over-achiever, good at everything, popular, pampered, had a lot more men attracted to me and better men.

I lived a more luxurious, charmed life. I still look the same, so I know it doesn't have to do with aging. I still meet and date many people, but they are less quality, some extremely young because they think I'm young, treat me not to my standards and don't last as long.

I've never been married. I look very young still, but I want to be married for ever and meet someone soon. According to my regular astrology birth chart, I could be meeting the one this year, but who knows if that holds true. I also wonder if my names held me back.

I still did have some setbacks with my real name and was depressed easily, but I always came out on top, always had money and attracted people with money. I went from being very dependent on others for my luxuries, #60 to very independent #31.

I also get extremely lost in numerology, astrology, psychology, which is #31. I want to change my name back fully to my former name to have better luck, but I'm not sure if that's the best choice either.

I know it's better than the present name, which breaks downs to =13/4 and 18/9 = 31/4. I know the 13 is unlucky, then also 4+9=13 too. The #4 means hard work and struggling, which is all I do and for many years. I can't do it more. I want my easier life back.

I know that my first name is in (26/8) and my last name is in (34/7), which equals #60. I know the #60 is favorable, but the 26/8 & 34/7 are not.

But I did see in your chart, under name numerology for (8 & 7) together that 60 is a lucky number for those numbers. Would this make it a favorable name? Or some other number in the 6 series?

The 60 is also favorable with my life path number 6 and my Day No. 9.

My birth date is 11/18/1975, which equals a #6 life path. Does adding my birthday 11 (1+1) =2, 18 (1+8) =9, and 1975 (1+9+7+5) =22, then adding 2+9+22=33, 3+3=6, affect my life path # because two 3's = my #6, which is not compatible with 6?

Also my birth time is 6.13 am, the 13 is unlucky and equals 4. All together it equals 10/1. I don't think the it is bad, but will other numbers affect my life? What can I do in this case? Thank you.

Reply by Kannan M

Welcome you veteran specialist in Pythagorean Numerology. As that system of numerology is not successful to design lucky names, we avoid it. We follow the Chaldean Numerology for sure fire success.

As you know this system of numerology was later developed by Pythagoras and he did not give all his knowledge to the world. However it is man made numerology and not Divine bequeathed like the Chaldean Numerology which we adopt for designing names.

I have clients from over 178 countries and it has worked very well for all people in all parts of the world. It is more Universal to give success to all kinds of people like whether Chinese or American or British..

Pythagorean Numerology is followed for its easy computerization to dish out reports after reports. It can be read for reading pleasure but there again it gets too confusing and too boring for any name.

Our analysis in Chaldean Name Numerology is logical and simple.

Most people including you follow only number based numerology. As per my research, a million evil names can created for every lucky number.

Therefore do not go by numbers alone. Check if it suits your astrology. Check if it suits your body mind vibrations.

And last not least measure the vibes in the name components and the overall name. If these three tests confirm good results, that your name is lucky, it is lucky. Otherwise, it is not lucky.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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Lucky or Unlucky?

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Mar 15, 2014
with unknow Date birth NEW
by: Anonymous

Is it possible to correct name without Date of birth. My name is Ramesh wanted to corrected to Rammesh.. is it fine.

Mar 11, 2014
Lucky or Unlucky NEW
by: rajashekhar

pls tell me sir

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