Name Numerology Not Good
Even With Number 1

by Muhammad Ali Baig
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

The biggest confusion in my name numerology is that I was born on November 28, 1987. But my parents recorded my date of birth on my birth certificate as November 28, 1988 which is recorded in my national ID Card and my all academic records.

So according to the recoded date of birth I have the numerology of 1 & 2. No where on any website, it is mentioned that which date of birth has to be considered, the original one or the recorded one. Moreover If I consider the recorded one then my day number becomes 1 and my life number becomes 2.

On the other hand if I consider my real date of birth and its name numerology, then my name number becomes 1 and my life number becomes 1 as well.

But the interesting thing is that even If I consider my real date of birth which is making my life number 1, most of the personality and natural traits in me are what you have mentioned for the people of life number 2. Is there any mistake in it? What to consider, my real date of birth or the recorded one.

Second confusion I have is I had been calculating my name number considering 1=A, 2=B, 3=C ..... 9=R. But on this site I have found different alphabetical values in numbers. My name is MUHAMMAD ALI BAIG which makes 61 i.e; 7.

But according to your site, my name number becomes 41 i.e; 5. This is another confusion. What Life number has to be taken and what name number has to be taken as per your system of name numerology?

Whatever I consider either life number 1 or 2, name number 41 or 61 doesn't suit my life number 1 or 2. But the summary of the story is in consecutive failures and disappointments in my entire life.

Now I want to make my name as MOHAMMAD ALI BEYG, which makes 46 i.e; 1 (according to this site). Would it cause any good change in my life or would be another numerological suicide?

Reply by Kannan M

Born on 28 which is the most unlucky number in the 1 series you day number has lost the potency to help you. It is powerless. You are like a person walking on one leg.

Your name comes in 29 + 5 + 7= 41. A beautiful girl may have brain cancer or she may be a terrorist. In the same way your first name in 29 has brutally mutilated your name and made it powerless to help you. The mad in your name also affects your name power.

Your original date of birth alone counts. I have mentioned it in my site. Both your birth date and name are unlucky. Your proposed name also is highly unlucky. You have to correct your name as per my system of name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. There is no other short cut.

You must not correct your own name. You must not receive it as a gift or on EMI payments and a name will not benefit unless you own it by paying the correct fee. You must also pay it with full heart unflinchingly. Otherwise, the name will fail you even if it is good.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics.

Query By Siva

My Son is born on 06th November 2011. His Day no. is 6 and Life no. is 3. We are in a big Confusion to find out his name in numerology. Some suggest as his Count should be 46 and some as 33 and some as 24,19,45 Etc. We don't know How to Finalize it. Please Help us.

Reply by Kannan M

Scientific numerology is not based on numbers alone. One man's food can be another's poison. You have to contact me for professional advice.

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Even With Number 1

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May 20, 2019
name is lucky or not
by: prabjot kaang

my dob is 28/7/1982, time: 7:15am, amritsar. is my name prabjot kaang is lucky as per my date of birth? my calling name is prabh. plz reply me sir

Mar 29, 2014
correct the calling name NEW
by: Anonymous

name:durga prasad
Dob :25/01/1995
Calling name:prasad
Qul:diploma in engineering
My life is very bad.plz suggest my name

Dec 20, 2012
please tell NEW
by: Anonymous

my name is praveen
my dob is 31-july-1990
my day number is 4 and my life number is 3
i changed my name to Indrapraween will you please tell me,it is correct for me ?

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