Name Numerology Observations
On an Acquaintance

by Prefer Not to Say

I am a Day Number 1 and Life Path Number 9. As I have mentioned before, my last significant romantic relationship was with an 8/8.

The latest is an acquaintance that I have known on and off since late 2007. His name numerology is first name in 23, overall name 53 (8).

I have never had any romantic interest for him.

I believe he has a lot to teach me in his research of the occult.

But our interactions are very antagonistic. I seem to act as a mirror to his own vanity which he loves to accuse ME of to preempt any perceived criticism and as a cover-up for feeling vulnerable around me.

He also seems to be carrying a lot of karmic burdens of past relationships that he projects onto me simply because I am supposed to look like someone he lived with for a number of years.

It's as if he can only relate to me through a filter of that past relationship. It's tiresome.

I don't take it personally but I don't know how to move forward.

We had had stopped communicating for about two years before and recently began talking again.

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On an Acquaintance

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Mar 02, 2011
by: Prefer Not to Say

We've stopped talking. I'm relieved.

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