Name Numerology Of 2 & 5 With
A Defective Name

by Venkatasubramaniam

As per name numerology, born on 20.10.1964, I am 45, my name is P.S.Venkatasubramaniam, post graduate, my name counts 65 that is 11. Some astrologers say my name counts 11 or 111,that is pattai naamam, (a term meaning zero rewards) and it has been in what ever I do even with 100% confidence, I end up with failure or insult.

I have no permanent job, no business, no property, though I live in own house it is in others name, and I am always dependent on others. Is it due any defects in my name numerology?

My character is always feeling insecure, afraid of others, always having misunderstanding with spouse, even though I will not utter a single word she insults me badly. Even she calls me samiyar ( the term refers to a bogus saint-used as a word of contempt).

Parents both passed away 15 years back, both not cared about my education, health, or about my survival. No specific good friendships. Mainly selfish friends, brothers, and sisters.

My only interest in my life is interest in spiritual life, only Gods gift I have is whatever mantra I utter once immediately it gets memorized in my mind. Is it due to my 5 name numerology?

In 1986 I went to have darshan of Sai Baba of Puttaparthy. On the second day he came near me, blessed me, and said come soon.

But in worldly life if one is without money, name, or fame, it is hard to live for an ordinary man like me.

In short my real life story of name numerology has been an unsteady life, with twists and turns, and hate for doing the routine. I always like new relationships. What to do, where is the solution, what is the remedy?

Reply by Kannan M

The above narration is the case study of a man with 2 & 5 name numerology. His main name is in 9 or 54 which is inimical to his Day Number. His overall name is in 65 which is again Moon or 2 which is again inimical to 9 in his first name Venkatasubramaniam.

He has another negativity in his initial P which is 8 which is inimical to his day no. and name number and to his second initial S.

His life illustrates how a bad name can spoil the life of an individual. It is to avoid this plight only that I request the readers to correct their names.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

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