Name Numerology Of 8
Decides My Fate

by Ramona Nongdhar

In fact I stumbled upon your website on name numerology by chance when I was trying to find a lucky name for my nephew. However I have noticed quite a few comments and pointers with regard to the No. 8. Some say it is a powerful number and some say it is bad. As per your website calculators,

  • My Life Path number is 8 after adding up my DOB

  • I was born on the 8th day of March

  • My Name Numerology is also 8

I am kind of ruled everywhere by 8 and it has not brought any luck to me by far. I have had medical problems and faced 2 surgeries in a span of 3 years. I am also facing concerns in getting pregnant. My job also isn't that great as I would want it to be.

The only thing lucky for me by far and by God's Grace has been my marriage and I have a loving and very understanding Husband.

I am afraid that I might face more and more disappointments in my future life. I can not change my past. I also know that I cannot change my Life Path Number as I was born on that date.

But is it possible to give me a perfect name to overcome all the evil effects of 8 in my life. Please advise.

Reply By Kannan M Lucky Name Numerology

You have answered your own question. You are right. A perfect name correction will give you a lucky, trouble free, and a happy life.

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