Name Numerology of 8
Prevents Success


As per name numerology, I am ruled by Number 8. I am a student in final year of engineering. I have not been achieving any success.

I do a lot of hard work but the result is not as expected. Today the state is that I am unable to get any job.

I work hard but no result. Many others who work less than me are much ahead of me. I feel that I am the most unlucky in this world.

Comments By Kannan M

Your case justifies that 8 ruled by Saturn is an evil number. As per name numerology, no one can escape these evil results if he has an incorrect name.

Your name Manik Dham is highly defective. Manic is a prefix with its phonetics to indicate manic depressive or mental sickness. It is in the negative number 13. It makes you unlucky.

As far as possible you should not start any name or name component word with D. De denotes all the evils in life. Take for example the following words. Decline, downfall, demise, death, dead line, and destruction.

You have more in deluge, demerit, denounce, drown, dooms day, doomed, devil, draconian, destroy, deny, denial, defeat, dejection, delay, dethrone, devil and so on.

The are endless number of words which begin in D which denote negative things in life. Therefore Dham which denotes Dham-Dhoom, mere pomp and show, which involves wasteful expenditure, is not lucky for you.

Manik come in 13 which opposes 8 in your particular case. Therefore both name components are unlucky for you.

To correct your name as per name numerology, you must apply through the contact form with your details. You must act on the expert advice you get.

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