Name Numerology Of 8
Struggles & Chaos

by Srish
(Kanpur, Uttar pradesh, India)

I narrate the story of my name numerology. As a child I was put down by all my class mates which badly affected my personality.

With love life, I have been struggling and was never a success. I did have just one affair. That too things didn't work out.

The person whom I was dating changed drastically like nobody's business although I tried every way to work things out.

In my career again I have to struggle 10 times more than other people. I have always faced all kinds of distractions and hurdles in the course of making of my career.

With my parents I find most difficulty in trying to get along. They think differently. Mostly I've faced the difficulty in people understanding me because people always take me in a wrong way.

So on the whole, as per your findings on 8 name numerology, I've faced struggle in every facet of my life whether it be my career, love life, my parental family, social life, or in the childhood. Which is why I feel I have become a little bit more mature prior to my age.

But I've been unlucky being born on 17th. which is the worst of all the 8 numbers as said in case of child abuse, because research says 90% of people born with 8 numbers go through child abuse.

In fact I've been through such situations where I could have been easily molested or god forbid even been raped but I came out safe. It was my God's mercy on me in spite of my name numerology.

Reply by Kannan M

The above is a true revelation of a visitor from his own personal experience of having born and lived with 8 name numerology. He too can become lucky and lead a fully satisfied life if he corrects his name as per numerology.

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