Name Numerology
Of A 7 Person

by Anonymous
(Prefer not to say)

As per name numerology, my day No. is 7 & my life number is 8. I´m an abstract thinker, sometimes my mind makes me very sensitive. I begin to think about how bad world it is, in puzzles.

I love art & music very much. I wanna meet my soul-mate very badly. I´m trying to convince the world that astrology & numerology do exist but they don´t believe what I say, it´s hard.

I think a lot. I don´t want to spend my time with some friends, I rather be alone & just enjoy my time alone. I don´t like to be in public, I have a sociophobia.

I get very stressed when I´m around with a lot of people (in public) my pulse beats 3 times faster & my nerves starts to struggle with me & my body starts shaking.

I find it hard to hanging around with others, I always get very moody & don´t know what to do or to say. My mind gets detached.

I find it hard to open myself up, but when I´m with someone that I know very well I can talk a lot. Many had said before that I´m intelligent & it´s true.

I think a lot & have a good memory so it feels I can talk about everything & know everything. I´m very spiritual & seek wisdom, I want to investigate when I see something that I don´t know.

It just feels like that I wanna know everything, seriously. In small words I´m a very private person who appreciates art & music & philosophy very very much.

Sometimes I just feel that I wanna do something with art & philosophy, I wanna be an artist very much. A romantic person with an aesthetic sense who doesn't like to meet some new persons.

Because what if I do something wrong? I wanna meet someone that I can love forever but it´s really hard to open myself to my date!

It´s hard if I´m going to kiss him or do some intimate things.

I don´t know why I am scared to do that. It´s what´s gonna happen if I do something wrong? I´m not lonely because I enjoy myself.

And by the way I am very cool, I clothe myself very cool & have a smart personality, everyone looks up to me once they know me.

I don´t hate myself or anyone in the world, I´m just a enthusiast over life but sometimes I get worry too much. Oh, sometimes I can get a very strong paranoia over little things.

I keep meeting with guys who have birthday on 4 march, 13 march, 4 June or someone with number 4 or with a Pisces sign. Number 4 guys thinks that I am very cute, I appreciate it, haha.

My father has birthday on 4 march 1954 & my mom 14 December 1953, they´re divorced. I am a huge radio head-fan & I love Thom Yorke, I´m almost obsessed.

I have a funny humor, I make people laugh. I love the nature & animals very much. I don´t eat cows & pigs. I don´t like money, you know whatit is doing to our world.

I think that I have some spiritual powers.

I have seen & felt some spirits since I was a kid, I wanna learn how to use those powers I just don´t know how. Sometimes I just can´t sleep at night so I had to have an insomnia.

I think a lot that I don´t wanna sleep at all, I love it, sometimes I just feel that I´m more intelligent when I haven´t slept.

It´s the 7th time that I´have had no sleep in this February-month. I hate fights, my mind blows if someone just raise his/her voice a little bit, I get really really irritated to that kind of voice.

I´m very sensitive good old fashioned lover girl who just wanna be loved & wanna know everything.

PS: I am a perfectionist. I hope my letters helped, if you answer back to my e-mail I can maybe tell you an another story about me, I would love to do that. Thanks for being with me.

Reply by Kannan M

What a submission! It is a beautiful portrayal of what 7 does to people. It is a must read for those in thirst for name numerology.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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Of A 7 Person

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Jan 28, 2012
Lucky name NEW
by: Anonymous

If I equal my name and my surname it ends in number 33. So it must be a lucky name to me? My day-number is 7 & life path 8.

May 09, 2011
name numerology for 7
by: Anonymous

I was born on 07 February 1988, what´s my lucky name numerology number then?

Reply by Kannan M

Born on 7-2-1988, you have 7 and 8. A sad combination in name numerology. It makes you fail in your love, love life, marriage, married life, and it denies you financial success.

Even if you are rich you will not be able to enjoy your riches according to your numerology numbers. Besides 8 numerology by Saturn afflicts you with diseases, accidents, and enemies.

If you do not correct your name soon, you will face all these problems due to the evil name numerology of 7 and 8.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

Apr 04, 2011
numerology 7
by: Anonymous

But what if some body has a lucky 7? Since i am told that I have a lucky 7. Kannan, Don't scare me.

Reply by Kannan M

No. That is not the idea. If you have a perfect name not only as per numerology, but obeying the requirements of your astrology, and body mind vibrations, then you will be lucky whether you have 7 or 8.

7 will be lucky only for unmarried spinsters in the church, monks like the Buddhist monks, mendicants, vagabonds, dry philosophers, and men or women working in the clergy or a religious organization.

In your case, your present name as such is not perfect. Hence 7 will not be lucky to you. If some one says it is lucky, they do not know the science and study of vibrations emanating from alphabets, name components, names, and name numbers.

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