Name Numerology Of
Jackie Chan

As per name numerology, Jackie chan's name comes to No.4. He must not be so lucky with his Day No.7 and Life No.3. But it seems he is very successful, rich,and famous too. How do you justify this?

Comment by Kannan M of Lucky Name Numerology

Jackie Chan was born on 7-04-1954. Day No. is 7 and Life No. 3.

Let us analyze the name of Jackie Chan. It comes in 13 + 14 =27.

If you analyze his birth horoscope most of the 9 planets represent his 11th house. It promises continued good luck and success. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu are all significators of his 11th house.

Rahu represents Jupiter and Mars. Jupiter who is lord of 11 and posited in 1 is aspecting Mars. Therefore Mars is very powerful. Saturn is an evil planet. But for Jackie Chan He has become lucky.

He is in 5 and he is the lord of 10. He too aspects Mars.

Now look at his name. Jackie Chan is made of 13 =Rahu, 14=Mercury, and 27 = Mars.

Rahu represents 1,6, 8, and 11.
Mercury represents 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, and 11.
Mars represents 2, 7, 5, 10, 11 and 12.

Therefore his new name has definitely made him lucky. His birth name was Chan Kong Sang, 陳港生; 7 April 1954. As per name numerology he is ruled by 7 and 3.

7 or Kethu and 3 or Jupiter both represent his 11th house and other good houses in his birth horoscope.

His birth name comes in Chan Kong Sang 14 + 17 + 12 =43 = 7. He did not become world famous by his birth name. You should remember that he became world famous only after his name change. This supports the theory of name numerology.

It proves our claim that name numerology must always be approached with respect to astrology and bioenergetics of the person. Then only you can design a most fitting and lucky name.

As per Pythagorean Numerology Jackie Chan will be 1+1+3+2+9+5 = 21 plus 3+8+1+5 = 17 = (21 + 17 = 38) = 11 = 2. Therefore it does not become 4 in either Pythagorean Numerology or Chaldean Numerology.

Your observations are wrong.

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Jackie Chan

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Jan 24, 2017
Jackie Chan name NEW
by: Ruhaan

His Mars is of 4° 42" so it is in a state of infancy...How it is lucky....Instead his sun is strongest and lucky at 23°32"..

Oct 06, 2010
Chinese Names
by: Prefer Not to Say

Ethnic Chinese using traditional Chinese names typically do not have a ?second name?.

There is only ONE personal name. The family name is traditionally placed first, followed by the personal name, which is a two-word or two-syllable compound word.

Thus, Jackie Chan's personal birth name is Kongsang, one word. His first name is not Kong nor is his middle name Sang.

Rendered in Western style, his birth name would be Kongsang Chan.

Calculating the value of Chinese names is trickier, since...

1. Many Chinese names in English are not spelled phonetically. Jackie Chan's birth name would be more accurately spelled Gongsaang Chen, as it sounds in the Cantonese dialect. In other dialects, his name would be pronounced differently.

2. Chinese is also tonal language, the meaning of the 'same' word rendered in Roman letters would be a different word altogether depending on tone.

3. Its written language is in pictograms, so the number of strokes is another consideration.

Mar 06, 2010
Jackie Chan's name numerology
by: Sreedhar

You have previously mentioned that 9 name number is unsuitable for 7 borns, which does not apply in the case of Jackie Chan. (his name number is 27 i.e 9 whereas his birth number is 7).

Although Mars is powerfully placed in his horoscope, this should not change the basic principles of numerology (9 name number is unsuitable for 7 borns as per your system). How do you justify this?

Reply by Kannan M of Lucky Name Numerology

What you are talking about is bookish numerology. The rules in any book have exceptions. All these can not be written in a 500 word article in a web site.

That is why it is dangerous to do self name correction by studying books. You have to correlate numerology with astrology and also bioenergetics.

Web sites are written to cover the basics in any subject in a text book fashion. It is done to show you that the author knows the subject.

He can not reveal all his knowledge in a book or web site. You will have to approach him in a professional capacity to get your best service.

When you know how to measure the vibrations, you will get the correct answer.

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