Name Numerology of Life No. 5
And Day Number 5

by Gedir Kandi

I want to know my name numerology. My name is Gedir Kandi. Born on 5th September 1944. Baptized when I was 6. Got married at 25. I had six kids but only three survived due to tragic events.

At my age 39, I started my own business to support my family. The business was extremely good for the first month but it went down gradually afterwards. Two years later I had to sell my business.

I was heavily losing money. A year later I was divorced too. After the divorce, I have been pretty much a loner but I actually enjoy it.

Now I am 65 and I live all by myself in one single bedroom flat, and I am also on welfare. Looking back, I feel that I should have just remained single. And I also feel I should have changed my name.

And do what I wanted like travel round the world and enjoy life.

Comments By Numerologist Kannan M

As per name numerology your name is GEDIR KANDI. It is 15+13= 28. Name Number 28 has ruined the good effects of your 5 & 5. Who ever has No. 28 in his Name will face this kind of ups and downs.

If alone you had changed your name in your early years, the new name power would have transformed your life into more successful avenues to reach a more satisfactory and much better destination.

Even now it is not late. If you want to spend your remaining life in good health, you must correct your name as per name numerology. A name correction will help you to remain healthy in your later life.

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