Name Numerology Sought
For Happy Life

by Vivek Saxena

I read with great interest your web pages on name numerology. I want each and every thing in life. It is very important for me and my family members. I want to enjoy the best in love, money, fame, nice personality, house, and car.

MY Date of Birth : 15/Nov/1980
Day No. i calculated : 6
Life No. i calculated : 8

My Present Name : Vivek Saxena

Reply by Kannan M

Your first name is in the vibes of Moon which does not agree with your numerology numbers of 6 and 8. Therefore you need name correction as per name numerology.

Kindly go through and read my reply for other questions in this page. I have explained the importance of correct numerology to attain success and achieve what ever you want.

For personal success, marital happiness, success of marriage, success in love, and business success, you must have a perfect numerology name.

Not only that. Even if you name your house, you have to follow the rules for house numerology. For getting success in business, you have to apply the principles of business numerology.

Even while choosing your lucky gem stones, you have to apply the principles of name numerology and gemology.

As such 8 in your life number will give you lots of obstacles for your success. You will face dejection, defeat, and disappointment. You will meet with miseries and misfortunes and accidents if you do not correct your name as per numerology.

You can apply for name correction here

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