Name Numerology Sufferings
By No. number 8

by Promod

A friend of mine casually told me that name numerology of 8 number is unlucky. Coincidently a friend of mine met with an accident on a new pulser black color bike and lost his right eye.

His nose also is damaged. His father who was sitting back also got head injures. i was very much moved by this incident.

After a few days his bike was released from the police station. So i went to have a look at the bike. It was not much damaged.

I just happened to look at its no plate & was shocked it was 422=8 and the style of the numbers written was like its bleeding.

Reply by Kannan M

This incident reveals the evil effects of name numerology of 8. If you have your numerology numbers in 8, even one number in 8, or your wife's name is in 8, take care.

Or does your car has 8 numerology? Or if your son has a bike in 8, or if your son in law has a name or vehicle in 8, take care.

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