Name Numerology To Correct
An Unlucky Name

by Francois / frank

As per name numerology, I was born on 22-05=1981. My name is Francois Racette. I have faced many challenges and for some time now I have been considering using Frank instead of Francois.

I was born with heart conditions, was in death bed, went into coma, was blind etc. I believe everything is connected and for sure my past is affecting my present.

I can not change the past events but I can change my future with a better name. Not to be full of myself but I am very smart. I have been coming up with business ideas since I was 12.

I have seen these concept come to life by others who make billion dollar successes, yet I can not achieve such successes for me.

I have been working for over 2 years on my first company in mobile media, yet no success. My new partner seems uncertain of his position and I simply want to achieve the great potential that I have inside.

Reply by Kannan M

As per name numerology You are born with 4 and 9 with 22-05=1981. If you correct it to Frank, then too you will continue to face bad luck. Better go for an expert correction by applying through this web site contact page.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

I am often sad and lonely. I am supper serious, I dot smille that often anymore, life is just hard and not the way it is supposed to be.

I have 2 personalities. The one I know can be great and the one i show to people. I can't seem to bring that inner me out. that inner me that is a great leader.

Please help me. What can I do ? is Frank a better name for me? It is weird to see the name Frank because i am so used to Francois also my name is french and frank is an english name.

By changing my name will it affect my business name in a positive or negative way ?

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