Name Numerology Truths
About Self Correction

by imran

I wonder about my name numerology and the events in my life. My day number is 4 and my life number is 9. I was born on 31-03-1982 and my birth name is Imran Khan. (13 + 13=26).

I try to work hard to attain any simple thing in life, where as other people get so, so, so easily. I don’t get things easily like that.

Since two years I have started to use my name as Imraan Khan. Which is an additional A letter in my name.

And I have seen lots of changes and things became easy for me. I tried for anything and I have gained it. I think this name is good for me, as it has done some good for me.

I Want to know if it is a good name for me to keep this continuing.

Reply by Kannan M

When I correct names, it is my experience that if I arrive at 20 names with the same name number only one qualifies as the best to give you all round luck. What about the 19 others? They are inferior, defective, or evil names.

Likewise, just because Imraan Khan is giving you profits and gain for the present, do not think that it is a good numerology name.

It may contain 50% good and 50% evil too. Your name has to be checked and verified by your astrology and bio energetics.

It means that your name must also be in harmony with your body, mind, and nervous system. If there is any disharmony, it will maim your talents and your future will be a question mark.

Another point. Changing one's own name as per mere numerology is not desirable. That name will not work like a mantra for you. If you get it from a qualified master, only that name will work with 100 per cent efficiency and such a name will not give you any evil effects.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

Mar 16, 2011

Want to know
by: imrron

Thanks kannan for your reply to my previous post.

I have one thing to ask, I was said in my past, one of my teacher sir who studied numerology as well he advised me to change my name which is Imrron kaan which is number 3.

Will this name be beneficial for me if I try to use this name. Just need your views on this.

I want to know from your point of view.

Reply by Kannan M

Imrron Kaan is a mutilated name by the double 'R' in Imrron. An expert numerologist will never do this kind of mistake. This name will do you more harm than good.

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