Name Numerology Ups
And Downs of 7&8

by shavannah
(new york)

Well. In my name numerology, i am born on the 7th day and I have the number 8 as my life path. I have to agree with you that these numbers are too accident prone and cause delayed marriages.

As such I am not married but I have a child too. I would not consider my self very unlucky because I have been through a lot in my 25 years on this earth.

I probably have a good name so it balances everything out.
Peace and love to one and all visitors of this web site!

Comment By Numerologist Kannan M

Thank you Mr Shavannah. Glad to know that you wrote this from Newyork. Your message will surely help your friends in the USA. Your marriage and mention about the child confuses the readers a little.

However, as per name numerology your name comes in 32. It is a magic number which offsets many complications for you and many. That is why you have had a fairly good life. True you could have been even luckier had your name been still better.

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