Numerology For 8 and 9
In My Life

by Rojan Sapkota

My numerology date of birth is 26-10-1989. My ruling No. is 8 and life path is 9. I live in Nepal. I study this and astrology as a hobby since my school days.

Anyway this combination of 8 & 9 has proved mostly unlucky for me creating delays mostly due to this number 8 and due to no. 9. I have to give so many sacrifices.

I wont go to the details. Sometimes I get frustrated over life.

The number 8 has occurred so many times in my life
My house No. is 44 which equals to 8.
My sun sign is Scorpio which is the 8th from Aries. I had problems in education when I was in class 8.

I am studying biotechnology which comes to 53 which again is 8. My surname total comes to be 26 which is 8. My time of birth is 4:22 pm which is 4+2+2 is 8. And so many more examples are there.

My first name total comes 16 and surname 26. 16 and 26 are unlucky. But the total 42 is lucky which is 4+2=6. i have changed my name to 19 and 27 respectively so total comes to be 46 which is 4+6=1.

I changed it one month ago and I cant really comment on its effect now. Please suggest is it the right combination?

I get confused after reading so many numerology books. Every author has a different concept but mostly I follow Cheiro's book and Indian writers.

Western numerology use Pythagorean theory but Indian writers use Hebrew numbers. i use the Hebrew system. Anyway I liked your site very much. Great job indeed!

I found new additional information on your site. Thanks. Reply soon!!!

Reply by Kannan M

A name has to be perfect as per numerology. but it must also be perfect as per your astrology and body mind vibrations. This we call Bio energetics.

That is the vibes from your name should not clash with your body mind energies and slow down your brain functions. When I finalize a name, I look into all the above three aspects and only if the name passes all these criteria, I give it to you.

Your present name is better than what it was but it is still defective in many ways. No one wants to be partially satisfied. Your name is only correct by 15 percent.

To enjoy real luck and better prospects, go for name correction from a professional like Kannan M and have a hundred percent perfect name.

You can overcome bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics. Do this by visiting the contact page in this web site.

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