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by Shaanjiv Vivekanand
(Dubai, UAE)

I am 5 & 5 as per numerology calculations, but I have had lots of troubles in my past years when it comes to successful achievements such as Education, money, and friendship problems which all has ended up in a negative force/vibration.

My birth name is Shanjeev but I changed my name at the age of 15 to Sanjeev because people started addressing me in that expression and manner. That is when realized I started going through unbelievable problems such as dangers and failures.

I was not able to accomplish anything except defeat and lots of criticism. At age 25 I decided I had to make a difference by visiting an astrologer. This is when the astrologer changed it to Shaanjiv since the name numerology equaled to 23 = 5.

I am kindly requesting you to check and see if this name is correct/right as per numerology. And kindly tell me if hard work and luck will finally be on my good side.

Reply by Kannan M

I checked all the three names. All are not good enough to be called lucky names. Each name has one kind of defect. But fortunately your birth numbers of 5 & 5 are excellent.

No one has told you that the second or last name also has to be perfect. In your case I found that Vivekanand also contains many defects. Your second name also needs correction.

That is why God has sent you to visit my site. If I do the name correction, I do it in the vibes of lucky planets in your astrology and I also ensure 100 percent perfection as per numerology.

I also measure the vibes of your name with my lecher antenna and eliminate the bad vibes using techniques of bioenergetics. The final name I give will be really lucky.

Only that name can bring out the powers of your 5 & 5 in full measure. If you want me to design a name for you like that, kindly write to me by visiting the contact page there giving your details. I shall give a really lucky name for you.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, and bioenergetics.

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