Numerology Results When
Day 8 Marries A Day 9

by Gargi Rishi

As per Indian numerology, suppose a Day no. 8 subject marries a Day no. 9. person. Then will they be happy in their lives if they correct their names values to 5. I am asking you to tell me if the evil effects of 8 will reduce or remain same.

Reply by Kannan M

In astrology numerology research I have found that it is not the number alone that wins in this game of name correction.

Verification by horary astrology, confirmation of the overall lucky results by lecher antenna measurements, ensure that the name does not have anti vibes to your body mind soul vibes, and much more come into play when I finalize a name.

Only if the name passes all these tests I approve it.You can have a 1000 million evil names in No. 5 series.

Therefore it does not guarantee luck that these two persons will have lucky lives if an 8 marries 9 and corrects their names in 5.

Most likely they will suffer much more damages due to their defective names. It is better if they correct their names as per my system and then marry each other. Why seek an accident and then go to the Doctor? Better correct your name if that is you.

You can do it by visiting the contact us page in this web site. Fill in you particulars and send it to me. I shall take care of the rest.

The Big Difference

Other numerologists give names by blind belief by out dated bookish numerology. But we design your names by scientific methods by numerology, astrology, Bio Energetics, tests with Lecher Antenna and energy measurement readings on the energy meter Acmograph.

Hence you get far better luck and prosperity when you come to us.

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