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As per name numerology I am SADAF ISAR. My date of birth is 25.12.1980. My day number is 7 and life number is 1. I am still unmarried. Please correct my name for my martial life.

Advice By Numerology Expert Kannan M from Lucky Name Numerology. This is the experience of most people with number 7. This number kills marital charms. It separates husband and wife.

It happens by overseas job or working far away from home.

Numerology of 7 causes women to become spinsters. Wife runs away from a husband when the couple are ruled by 7 in their wedding date. Or the husband goes out in protest towards the wife.

7 numerology not only delays marriage, it kills the marital life's small small pleasures. It gives you a head of 70 when you are 17. you become a dry philosopher and you do not yearn for hard work.

As such 7 causes total business failures. Therefore avoid number 7 as far as possible in love, business, or marriage. If you want to get married, correct your name first and then only get married.

The new name will remove the negative aspects of 7. For this you have to apply through the contact form in this web site with your particulars. You have to act on the expert advice you get.

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Dec 16, 2009
More on 7
by: Jagathraman

I always take the advice of Mr. Kannan M and avoid 7 in names, day numbers, life numbers, and try to avoid 7 even for festive occasions.

Dec 16, 2009
I agree
by: Karthik

I got married on 16th ruled by day number 7. I have had the most bitter married life on earth. As such I live away from my wife. Surely one has to dread the effects of 7 on one's marital life.

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