Sufferings With 8 and 1

by Ramesh Akkela

I am born with numerology of 8 and 1. I was born on "8th" February 1971 and I have been told by many that people born on 8th will have continued problems. It is 100 percent true in my life.

Although I am satisfied with my earning , life, etc. I feel I face problems sometimes with regards to work leading to change of jobs.

I was married on 25-12-1997. Also my relation with my spouse is not to my expectation. It leads to fight too often. But we love each other internally. I have to struggle for each and every small thing. Nothing comes free to me. It comes after great sufferings.

How can I overcome my sufferings ? How can I get peace of mind? How can I lead a blissful married life? How can I have a steady job and sizable income? How can I come up in my life?

Advice By Numerology Expert Kannan M from Lucky Name Numerology: Your name causes all the sufferings to you. Akkela has a hidden meaning of alone. This is bad phonology in your name. Mesh in Ramesh too is negative. It entangles you in problems.

You are surviving these slings and arrows of outrageous fortune by the power of your Life Number which is 1. Your marriage date 25-12-1997 is also highly inauspicious and extremely unlucky.

It has 7 and 9 which are inimical to each other. No. 7 has no numerology compatibility for marriage. 7 is also not compatible with your day number 8. These numbers compete to kill your happiness.

No one who marries with 7 in the wedding date can have a happy married life. You have to perform a subtle correction as per numerology & astrology to offset the evils of No. 7 to your marriage.

Your wife has 2 and 2 which is not lucky for her. At least if she is lucky, you can expect some relief. She too has to correct her name for better luck. 2 and 1 in her first name are not compatible.

As such your name is not good. You must correct it, if you want a lucky and prosperous life with happy home and good children. Only one number and its vibes will suit you best and give best results.

It must be found out by expert calculations. A name should be correct as per your day number, life number, bioenergetics vibes, the written vibes, and phonology. It must be ratified by astrology.

For this you have to apply through the contact form in this web site with your details. You must act on the expert advice you get.

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Dec 19, 2009
Sensible Advice
by: Keerthi chennai

I like his method to use phonology, astrology, and other sciences of measurements in addition to numerology to reinforce luck. Mr. Kannan M is taking no chances in his work. Sensible advice.

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