Name Numerology For
2 & 4

I am Vijaya Durga, born on 20/05/1986. My husband's name is Nagaraju born on 31/07/1978.

My name number is 2, day number is 2 and life number is 4. My husband's name number is 1, day number is 4 and life number is 9. Are we a good match to each other?

Reply by Kannan M

As per Chaldean Numerology, You have 2 & 4 and your name is in 11 + 16 = 27 -= 9. No. 2 is inimical to No. 4. This is mismatch 1. It is also inimical to your name number 27. This is mismatch No. 2.

Your name Durga has defective name numerology in vibes. (mismatch 3). It is inimical to marital life. (mismatch 4).

Your husband has 4 and 9. His 4 is inimical to your 2. (mismatch 5). His 4 is against your 4. (mismatch 6). His 4 is against his own name (mismatch 7).

He has life no. as 9 and you have day no. 2. This is inimical to each other. This is mismatch 8. His name number is 2 and not 1 and this is against his life number. This is another mismatch.

As such there are more differences than similarities in your name numerology. If you have to remain happy together and enjoy the conjugal bliss, you both have to correct your names.

If not time will take its revenge on your marriage by separation or divorce, or premature separations and privations.

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Why Am I Unhappy In Marriage?
Name Numerology

by Suraj T M

According to name numerology, my DOB is 11-01-1980. Presently I work in a Reputed IT Company. My Wife DOB is 26-08-1984. I like to know about her. She is always angry with me.

She yells at me 'you have not taken me outside and not given any gifts' etc. I try her to make happy. Whenever she doesn't talk to me I feel irritated, my mind goes crazy, and we end up with quarrel.

Please help what can I do to make her happy.

Reply by Kannan M

You are born on 11-01-1980. You have 2 & 3. As such you are docile and submissive. Your wife is born on 26-08-1984. she has 8 & 2. As such she is ruled by Saturn in her day to day life.

It is the name numerology of 8 & 2 which makes her talk and behave like this. And remember 2 born persons should not look for match from another 2 born spouse. The marriage will turn sour.

2 name numerology does not make it friendly with another 2 born. The 7 borns are the best fit for the 2 born. In your case, you have married a devil with 8 & 2. but you need not worry any more.

You can make her an angel by correcting her name as per astrology, numerology, and bioenergetics. Apply for name correction for both since you too need the dynamism of a lucky name number.

As such your name is very weak as per name numerology calculations and you must correct it too. Get expert help and correct your names and begin a colorful life together at least here after.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.

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Name Numerology For
2 & 5

by muralidhar
(warangal, andhra pradesh, india)

I go through your site on name numerology quite often and I like it. It is beautifully designed with lots of useful content. My date of birth is 02.07.1967 and birth time 9.30 pm in Warangal District of Andra Pradesh, India. Please tell me if it is lucky.

Reply by Kannan M

Your name is Muralidhar. It is in an unlucky number 29. It makes you be a problem to yourself and to others. Later you will repent that you had caused worry for every one, when it is too late.

Therefore, you must correct your name.

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