Incorrect Name Numerology

by Prefer Not to Say

I refer to your name numerology topic in the page page Baby Names. I'm very curious and hopeful that name numerology correction according to knowledge of Vedic scriptures in their purity will contribute to reinstating true family values and harmony in society.

However, I believe that needs to be differentiated from certain current social attitudes against excessive female rights which are not altogether helpful to anyone of either gender, and are in some cases rather negative and oppressive to women. I believe these are more man-made attitudes (pun unintended) and cannot be attributed to the Vedas.

Certain current social attitudes are influenced by the POST-Vedic period, in Smrti texts that were a human oral tradition written down by human scribes with all the attendant social attitudes of those times and which are NOT of divine origin.

Human interpretation is highly subjective and can be distorted by social environment or the collective consciousness of incorrect beliefs.

I would also like to humbly refine the idea that incorrect name numerology must have had a detrimental effect on both genders. As a woman, I don't wish to dominate a man although it may seem so to certain types of men. Many examples one encounters these days are weak and I certainly wouldn't let those sorts have the run of things.

Even though I was born with strong numbers I have often felt a disconnect from my birth name like it's not a part of me or that it isn't 'me' at all - if anything, it's weakened my strengths.

I can only have respect and deference for learning like yours, Sir. It is clear from the way you write how much energy and passion you put into this work. And I thank you for the work you do.

I requested for a name correction and am very happy to wait for as long as it takes. What matters is your personal care, sensitivity and attention you have shown so far to me.

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Number Compatibility Groups
In Name Numerology

by Prefer Not to Say

I refer to your pages Who Will Help You and Love Mate in your site on name numerology.

I'm a Day Number or Ruling Number 1. Your compatibility rule of thumb (4, 2, 8 in that order for 1's) has given me another dimension in my understanding of my relationships, in the dynamics of numbers, how they interact with each other and/or rub each other up in the wrong way.

I didn't realise until I read your article on number compatibility that I have more 4 friends in my life than any other number, followed by 1's. When I say "friends" I mean those on whom I can trust with my life.

Yes, 4's are more yielding and accommodating to me. I have only one Ruling Number 8 example in my life though - an 8 & 8 who is an ex. I did indeed briefly think he held me very dear. In your words, he was madly in love with me, that he was 'The One', but that dream turned into ashes.

A few years ago I had one significant relationship with a person of name numerology in 6 & 3. It's true as you say, his 6 was attracted to me at some unconscious, inexplicable level even though on my side, it was mostly limited to a physical attraction.

We got on very well superficially with a lot of mischievous banter between us but it left me dissatisfied as it didn't go deep, lacked emotional intimacy as you describe.

Your articles on number compatibility or numerology compatibility answered certain questions and gave me some peace of mind and healing regarding some past relationships that had for most intents and purposes ended but somehow left hanging, open-ended, unresolved.

Some instances fit uncannily well, were an instant 'click'. Thanks again.

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