Why does Name Numerology
Differ From Astrology

by TM Rao

I have a few doubts in name numerology about the qualities of planets.

I have an observation on your system. Certain principles of your system seems to be different from Astrology.

For example, as per Vedic astrology, Mercury (number 5) is an enemy to Mars (number 9) but as per your system both 5 and 9 are friendly numbers?

Similarly Sun & Moon are enemies to Rahu & Ketu but as per your system, 1 and 4 are friendly numbers and 2 & 7 are also friendly numbers.

If numerology is developed based on astrology, why these differences?

Reply by Kannan M of Lucky Name Numerology

The Vedic Astrology practiced by the Ancients is far different from what is practiced to day by application. The ancients were Rishis who had intuition and the power to sense the vibrations. The had lightning fast minds to do astrology calculation in their brains.

Today Vedic Astrology is practiced only with the help of available texts. These texts are highly inadequate to explain the birth of twins.

The traditional astrology fails in the case of twin births. The two are born with a few minutes difference. The horoscopes are almost the same. If you predict for them, your prediction is the same for each of these twins.

But in many cases, the twins experience diametrically opposite results. What if one is a boy and the other is a girl? The number of brothers and sisters differ for both. The nature and timing of their events also differ.

Even when both are boys, traditional astrology fails. One lives long. The other dies early. One gets married. The other remains unmarried. One falls sick. The other is healthy. One stays pious. The other is always wicked.

You can not explain these differences by traditional system, if you adopt it blindly. In ancient times, astrologers did not have calculators. They made rapid calculations in their minds, and gave uncanny, accurate predictions.

That is why it is not wise to accept Vedic Astrology Texts as it is. In my name numerology calculations I use advanced horary astrology, and also birth date astrology. I derive numerology names based on these and also I measure the vibrations in the name which others do not know.

Therefore unless a name passes all the three criteria of astrology, numerology, and bioenergetics, I do not approve a name. That is why my names are extremely lucky and more useful to the clients.

And about your question on Mercury and Mars. It is a wrong concept to hold that Mercury is inimical to Mars. Mercury gives the results based on where he is posited in the Zodiac. If he is in a favorable star zone and favorable sub zone he is a benefic.

If he is posited in an unfavorable star zone and evil planets sub zone, he becomes evil and I do not give it any importance for designing names. I also warn my clients that Mercury is evil.

You have to know that Mars too behaves only in this manner. Remember and Note this point well. No planet is a benefic or a malefic by itself. Any Planet becomes good or bad by its Star zone and its Sub zone. Its qualities are modified by aspects from favorable planets.

I hope I have cleared all your doubts.

You can prevent bad luck and achieve good luck only if you correct your name as per name numerology, astrology, & bioenergetics.


Dear Guruji,
Your articles are excellent and so far I did not find any information as perfect as yours. I am learning numerology through your lucky name numerology.com and I have also became a numerology consultant Like Ekalava. You are invisible guru to me and I am your student. Even if you don’t accept me as your student, you are my worshipful guru because my numerology knowledge was sharpened by your articles.
With namaskarams.

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Differ From Astrology

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Nov 10, 2014
Wrong Conception about Vedic Astrology NEW
by: Astrologer Vinod

The Author of this website seems to have the half baked knowledge of Vedic Astrology. The Principles of Vedic Astrology are like Sun and moon. We can use it across the time line. They are like thumbrules for all the time.

Mercury and Mars are deffinately enmical to each other. no doubt about it.

We can analyse the horoscopes of Twins with the use of D64 chart in the horoscope.

We cannot make a begger to a rich person by changing names.No body can change the blueprint of the life.

-Vinod Kumar M

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