Wish I Was Born With 6
Name Numerology

I was born on 7th and I wish I had the name numerology of 6. Yes. Never liked my date of birth for the historical date 7 Dec 1941. I definitely beat to a different drum than most people.

In early youth years I was quiet not shy.
I desired performing and being recognized and accepted yet felt I wasn't even by parents (they were forever not listening to my desires) yet I pursued.

May be due to name numerology of 7, I always felt alone even though people liked me. I have always been charitable to others and generous with wanting to help and guide, especially in my career.

Enjoy being married although always have made incorrect mate choices. I am comfortable in my own skin and with myself yet I so desire socialization yet feel out of sync with many people, unless they are truly like-minded;

I have noted that my name numerology for 7 makes me deep. I spend much time alone, even though I make efforts to surround myself with folks. (ha Moon in Scorpio, conceived with Moon in Scorpio sun in Pisces).

Still I sense the difference. Wish I had a consistent group of friends. I do remain in touch with folks I have been friendly with. What is weird and certainly odd to me is if when in a group I must approach others first.

Yes, I am friendly and outgoing but my name numerology makes me feel alone. I am a good friend. I do not hold grudges, try avoiding judging others, I forgive easily and love everyone.

I am graceful and attractive. At least that's what I have been told and sometimes I see it. I am a lady. I am optimistic although I am constantly tossed by challenges and forever moving forward.

Now in later years I am tired and wish all the harsh stuff due to my name numerology would cease. Many times I would like to hermit myself in an ashram or some other hidden mystical and spiritual place. Funny I remember these events even in my teen years.

I have numerous unique gifts that I was born with or suddenly presented themselves. I appreciate that I have a good mind, although need to quiet it more. I do best when I travel alone and have the personal quiet time away from ALL external sources.

Yet my name numerology makes me like being spiritual, philosophical, mystical and enjoy deep and greatly passionate connection with the animal kingdom. Throughout my life I have been a good person and would never cause harm to another.

Reply by Kannan M

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