Your Insight on 6 & 3
Is Spot On
Name Numerology

by Prefer Not to Say

I knew a Day Number 6 and Life Path 3, who has everything going for him - looks, presence, talent, capability, initiative, but also a tendency of being overly self-effacing to the point of self-sabotage.

He was his own worst enemy and critic. I suppose we all have self-doubt to some degree or other at times but he took it to whole new levels.

It was a twisted case of 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' which describes the social phenomena of jealous people cutting you down for standing out from the crowd. In his case, he did the cutting down himself!

Very strange. Or not so strange when perfectly explained by your system of name numerology. Thank you for the illumination.

Reply by Kannan M

There exists a typical example for name numerology of 3 & 6 in the ex. Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha. She was born on 24 Feb 1948. She too has this 6 & 3. A talented, highly knowledgeable, actress turned politician, she too is often swayed by this 6 & 3.

She will do actions to bring her own downfall. She speaks and writes fluently in more than 10 languages. She has an extraordinary grasping power. Still, adamant as she is, she listens to no one. A risk taking personality who alternates between success and failure. Life as a CM in this period and life as an accused opposition leader in the next.

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